This is the official website for Thomas Pringle TD.

Here you can keep abreast of my work on behalf of the people of Donegal. The issues I raise in the Dáil, my press releases on local news and updates.

It’s not all one way. If you have any queries that you wish to raise, you can drop me a line or submit your query on my contact page.



Here are some of the Groups & Committee that I am involved in:

  • Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture, Food & the Marine: This committee covers the Department of Agriculture, food & the Marine, and being part of this committee gives me entitlements to debate on proposed legalisations
    related to this Department.
  • North/South Inter-Parliamentary Association Executive Committee: This is to establish a joint forum with membership from the Dáil & the Northern Ireland Assembly. This is provided for under the Good Friday agreement as part of the Peace Process.
  • Chairperson of Members Interests Committee: This committee advises members of the Dáil on their obligations under the Ethics Acts & investigates breaches.
  • Technical Group: I am a member of the Dáil technical group with 15 other Independents which gives me a lot more speaking time.
  • I have also joined the recently formed All Party Group for Supports in Mainstream School for Children with Down Syndrome.



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