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MANDATE SHOPFLOOR: ‘I want a society that is Just, not a corporate economy’ – Pringle

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‘I want a society that is just, not a corporate economy’

The General Election 2016 offers us an opportunity to think about what kind of a country we want to see in this centenary year. The decisions that were made throughout the crisis have meant we are on the path towards a corporate economy, not the community-centred society I envision for the future.

Voting in strong, independent voices with a clear vision of how we can achieve this will make this election a pivotal one. My priorities during this election reflect this ambition and are closely aligned with the Right2Change principles I pledged to undertake if re-elected.

Right2Change is clear in its demands: a more equal Ireland that benefits all of the people rather than a select few. The first thing I would do is hold a referendum to enshrine new rights in our Constitution offering greater protection of our water resources and economic, social and cultural rights.

The introduction of a Living Wage is vital in tackling income inequality and child poverty rates which sadly, have doubled since the crisis began. It’s a tragic symptom of the corporate-led policies that are driving our recovery, an unfair one at that.

Like everyone else I welcome more jobs into the country but not at the expense of workers’ rights. Seasonal workers in Donegal have encountered a steady decline in the quality of work over the past number of years.

Simultaneously workers have experienced less social security as a direct result of cuts made to social welfare entitlements. Workers in Ireland need jobs with greater income security and social supports. Income supports must be restored to pre-2012 levels at least including Jobseekers’, Farm Assist rates and income disregards which are central to job security and protect people on low incomes from the threat of poverty.

I want to see all corners of Ireland benefit from higher quality jobs including rural-friendly jobs that reinvest in local communities, something I have continuously called for in my constituency of Donegal.

Teachers should be empowered further by reducing the teacher/student ratio and through the provision of adequate SNA supports all of which can help foster a positive learning environment for all.

Finally, I want all our workers and all people in Ireland to benefit from a Universal healthcare system – a system based on need and not ability to pay.

I want to see a society that respects all our people, no matter where they live, no matter their circumstances. I want to live in an economy that serves the people – not people serving an economy.





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