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Independents Pringle TD & Cllr. MacGiollaEasbuig meet with workers over Tesco pay cuts

Thomas tesco

Independents Thomas Pringle TD and Cllr Michéal Cholm MacGiollaEaspuig met with workers in Tesco to hear their concerns about moves by the company to ‘unilaterally’ change their contracts of employment.

Tesco Ireland have recently informed workers who have been employed by the company since before 1996 that they are going to change their terms and conditions claiming they longed suit the companies plans. Under their current contracts they have set working times, paid overtime rates and the company is required to consult with them.

‘This change could see Tesco workers loosing up to €6,500 a year and would represent a huge blow for the workers. The demand from Tesco that the workers be 100% ‘flexible’ will see their conditions and income reversed. This is the type of demand that workers are now getting with the increase in what are called ‘zero hour contracts’ where workers have to be available at short notice and don’t know from week to week when they will be working’ says Pringle.

Pringle claims that ‘working conditions have declined under Fine Gael and Labour’s Government and workers’ rights have increasingly been eroded. This Government has been obsessed with bringing jobs into this country at any cost, including that of workers’ conditions. It’s time we put the individual worker centre-stage in job creation policies from now on.’

‘I am glad to see that the pre-1996 Tesco workers and their union are going to fight this battle because if Tesco get away with this change it will undermine workers’ rights for all employees of Tesco. Myself and Cllrs John Campbell and Micheal Cholm MacGiollaEaspuig stand fully with the workers in this fight’ concludes Pringle.


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