Thomas Pringle TD

Why I won’t engage with Fine Gael’s Government talks

Thomas Pringle said he could not be sure if Mick Wallace was a serving TD when he made a settlement for a VAT tax dodge

Amid Government talks between Fine Gael and a number of Independent TDs in Government buildings this week, Deputy Thomas Pringle outlines his reasons for refusing to take part.

Deputy Pringle was approached by Simon Coveney with a number of Fine Gael proposals. Following those talks Pringle said “I consulted with my supporters and decided not to engage any further with FG in relation to the formation of a Government”.

He further explained, “in my discussions with Simon Coveney he stated that the water tax has to stay to pay for water into the future and said that a formula could be found that would keep water in public ownership”.

“This was not acceptable to me as we already pay for water and the only option to prevent privatisation is through a Referendum to protect our water resource in the constitution which he refused to commit to.”

“The homeless and housing crisis was created by the last government’s policy of ‘laissez faire’ dealing with housing and private rents. How can I accept that this policy would change under a new government dominated by Fine Gael? I’m definitely not convinced that Fine Gael has changed at all. Fine Gael would like us all to believe that they are committed to a new kind of politics but the actions of this caretaker government outside the Dail have shown different”

“Coveney also presented a document with proposals that would supposedly regenerate rural Ireland including commitments on the future of rural post offices and to work on the report of the post office working group published in January.”
“Yet this week we’ve witnessed the Department of Social Protection attempting to encourage Jobseekers to use electronic payment through their banks potentially taking business away from Post Offices. Already FG have failed to match policies with action to protect rural services and I feel I have made the best decision on behalf of the people who elected me by not participating any further with Fine Gael”.
“This process underway this week is all about Fine Gael avoiding talking to Fianna Fail. One of the two has been in power since 1932 and if they come together they face the real prospect of neither of them being in power after the next general election and this is the appalling vista as far as the two conservative parties are concerned” concludes Pringle.

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