Thomas Pringle TD

New Minority Government has “different look but same tune” says Pringle

Thomas Pringle said he could not be sure if Mick Wallace was a serving TD when he made a settlement for a VAT tax dodge

May 6th, 2016

Voting against the election of the Taoiseach in the Dáil today Independent TD Thomas Pringle said “I’m opposed to the minority Government arrangement because it supports the continuation of Fine Gael in power while allowing Fianna Fáil to control both sides of the house indefinitely.”
Pringle explained ‘‘the only natural situation would have been for Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to go into Government together. All we’re seeing in the current arrangement is Fianna Fáil getting the best of both worlds as leader of the opposition with a hand over Fine Gael.”

“I also believe that Fianna Fáil cynically used water charges as a red line issue in negotiations as a mechanism to drive a hard bargain and maintain their dominance in opposition. While suspension of charges is a victory, Fianna Fáil’s flip flopping in the past means we can’t trust them not to reintroduce water charges” claims Pringle.

“In February Michael Martin said water charges would be deferred until 2021, and while in Government Fianna Fáil proposed to introduce water charges in agreement with the Troika. This is already proof that the new formation will not change the culture of Governing in Ireland which is ultimately what voters were calling for in the first place” continues Pringle.

“Let’s not be fooled that a Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil Government would do things differently if they went into coalition but it would at least loosen the establishment parties’ grip on opposition allowing for alternative voices in the chamber to offer more progressive and democratic ways of representing their constituents.”

“In my case that has always meant representing the constituents of Donegal marginalised and made vulnerable by the harsh policies of Fine Gael and who will no doubt remain vulnerable under the policies being put forward in the minority Government formed today” says Pringle, ” without changing the way government works such as placing Economic Social and Cultural Rights in the constitution and protecting water as a public good constitutionally we will continue to see policies that will keep Donegal marginalised. I don’t believe a narrow constituency deal would have gone far enough to bring the change that we all need or make a real difference to lives of the people of Donegal”.

“The two parties have controlled the function of political life since 1932 and it’s time that independents like me challenge that dominance at every opportunity afforded to them. That is my mandate and that is what I’ve done today by voting against Enda Kenny” concludes Pringle.


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