Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle raises concerns of piecemeal development of aquaculture in Donegal



Press Release – February 8th, 2017


Speaking at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture Food and Marine the Department of Agriculture Fisheries Division confirmed that they do not have the legislative backing to implement marine spacial planning for bays around the coast.

Independent TD Thomas Pringle was raising concerns in relation to the large volume of aquaculture licenses recently granted by the Department for Braade Strand/ Gweedore Bay in Co. Donegal.

Speaking on the issue Deputy Pringle said “the large number has raised concerns locally due to the scale and the possible restriction of the beach to the local community as a result. Nine applications in total using 100 acres of the beach have been granted by the aquaculture licensing section of the Department”.

Deputy Pringle raised the issue of the “need for management plans for the Natura Bays around the coast so that the appropriate amount of aquaculture can be considered and the potential impacts they could have not only on the wildlife and the environment but also on the amenities of the areas in question”.

“It appears from the Department’s response that we are many years away from the provision of the legislative backup to provide for spacial planning that would be necessary to properly plan for the development of the aquaculture industry in conjunction with the needs of local communities. I will be urging the Department to commence the drafting of appropriate legislation as quickly as possible.

“I will also be making a submission to the Independent Review Group on Aquaculture licensing that spacial planning should form an integral part of the aquaculture licensing process”, concludes Pringle.


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