Thomas Pringle TD

Fianna Fáil flip flop on water again – Pringle

Thomas Irish Times pic

At the Oireachtas water committee meeting today Fianna Fáil have voted to reinstate water charges for up to 40% of households, says Independent Deputy Thomas Pringle.

‘Fianna Fáil have betrayed their election promise to end water charging at the committee today after agreeing a report to end charging last Thursday Fianna Fáil have flip flopped again and supported an amendment to introduce levies for excessive use of water. Potentially this could effect up to 40% of households based on Irish Water figures’.

The committee had done a lot of work to comply with the Water Framework Directive and arrived at a draft report last week. Over the weekend FF marched up the hill and like the grand old Duke of York have marched back down again and rolled over for FG to amend the report again.

It’s now Simon Coveney two, Barry Cowen nil and the so called ‘confidence and supply’ agreement means that FG can have confidence that FF will march back down the hill again after huffing and puffing.

It’s not really surprising and shows us all, as if we didn’t need an example again that Fianna Fáil will act in its own interests first and foremost.

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