Thomas Pringle TD

EU/Canada trade deal will see immediate effects on Donegal fish prices

Killybegs Regatta 8.13

Press Release – April 13th, 2017

“The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement or CETA as it is known will come into effect formally from May 1st when the Canadian parliament passes the treaty. This will have an immediate effect on prices of some fish stocks that Canada can export to the EU. This could have an immediate effect on the price of lobsters in Donegal amongst other fish stocks’ said Independent TD Thomas Pringle.

“From the minute the treaty is ratified by the Canadian parliament the Tariff of 8% on live lobster imports into the EU from Canada will drop to zero making live exports of lobster to the EU much more attractive. When we consider that the US exported over 8,000 tonnes over the last three years of live lobsters into the EU with a tariff of 8% then making Canadian exports that much cheaper will see an increase in the trade. This could then have an impact on the price that Donegal fishermen can get for their lobster making it harder for them to make a living.”

“The adoption of the treaty will also see the tariff on Scallops dropping from 8% to zero, these changes will impact most on small scale inshore fishermen if they see a corresponding price reduction on their catches. The government told us that this treaty would be great for Ireland and Irish business but I believe that it will not benefit too many people trying to make a living from fishing around our coast” said Pringle.

“The EU has only provisionally ratified CETA and each member state has to ratify the treaty individually for it to come into permanent effect. I believe that it is vital for all those in our fishing communities to lobby TDs to ensure that they do not vote to accept CETA” concluded Pringle.

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