Thomas Pringle TD

Assistance Schemes to consider if you were affected by recent flooding in Donegal

Flood relief

*TO ALL BUSINESSES/VOLUNTARY/COMMUNITY BODIES AFFECTED BY RECENT FLOODING: The Irish Red Cross will soon be administering an emergency humanitarian support scheme to assist small businesses, community, voluntary and sporting bodies get back to their pre-flood condition, helping with the repair costs of flooring, fixtures, fittings and any damaged stock.

Details are to soon to be published about how to access this scheme but if you or anybody you know are in need of support to reopen, please contact my office.


*HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE SCHEME is an income-tested scheme providing emergency financial assistance to households who are not able to meet costs for essential needs immediately following flooding such as shelter, clothing and food.  Damage to your home and its essential contents, such as carpets, flooring, furniture, household appliances and bedding are covered and some structural damage may also be considered.  While most families in need of this scheme have already been offered financial assistance, do contact our office if you have any queries about whether you will be entitled to any assistance if affected by the recent flooding in Donegal.

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