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Pringle says Donegal deprivation levels due to retreat of rural services

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Pringle says Donegal deprivation levels due to retreat of rural services

November 9th, 2017


Deputy Pringle was speaking in response to today’s publication of the POBAL Deprivation Index which places some parts of Donegal with deprivation levels on par with Dublin City Centre.

Deputy Pringle says “I have consistently warned the Government that if they continued to neglect rural Ireland we would see levels of deprivation continue to rise. The report illustrates the cumulative effect of Government policies negatively targeting rural Ireland which have led to the closure of post offices, Garda stations and lately with bank closures in Raphoe and Ardara. We can’t forget the stalled National

Broadband Plan which has experienced significant delays to date. These are all policies which disproportionately affect rural Ireland.

“This should be a wake-up call for the Government to reverse the negative policies in place to date and instead reinvest in the vital public services which make small towns and urban centres vibrant places to live. We need broadband, we need transport infrastructure and public services” says Pringle.

“It is totally unacceptable that deprivation levels exist in towns across and that these towns are deemed to have been worst hit during the past decade of recession and recovery. It just goes to show that Donegal continues to be left behind due to an imbalance in regional development and is not getting its fair share of the benefits of a recovering economy. This needs to change” says Pringle.

“I have been surveying businesses in small towns across Donegal which have seen a decline in population since the recession. I want to find out how they perceive doing business in the context of Fine Gael’s polices targeting rural Ireland. I’m currently putting together the responses I have received but it is my view that measures trying to assist rural Ireland have been piecemeal and inadequately funded yielding very little output which POBAL Index figures seem to confirm for us today.

“I will be urging the relevant Ministers to response proportionately with fully funded programmes ranging from expedited Broadband connections in rural towns, revival of post offices, Garda stations and bank outlets including a revamp of large scale infrastructural projects around transport needs” concludes Pringle.


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