Thomas Pringle TD

WATCH: Thomas Calls for Greater Fishing Rights for Donegal Islands



Speaking on the Island Fisheries (Heritage License) Bill 2017 in the Dáil today, Deputy Pringle called for greater fishing rights for Island communities in Donegal and the rest of the country.


“I worked hard alongside my colleagues in the Fisheries Committee to produce a comprehensive Report in 2014 with a number of recommendations calling for greater fishing rights.


“However, the Committee Report has fallen on deaf ears and four years since its publication the Report continues to be ignored by Fine Gael today. I feel that now is the time to address the cultural and sustainability issues plaguing our islands in Ireland today which deal with mass depopulation, emigration and job losses on a continued basis.


“Today I am reiterating what I have repeatedly called on the Government to do and that is to ring-fence non-transferrable fishing quotas for small scale coastal fishing. I believe that by making a special provision for rural and coastal communities they may still have time to save their culture, heritage and communities.


“I have continuously met with IIMRO and residents on Árainn Mhór and Tory Island and see what they have to endure to keep the community going. Their way of life is at threat due to the blatant disregard the current Government has to their needs and the lack of investment by consecutive Governments to date. With cross party support for the Bill today I’m hoping the socio-economic challenges facing these communities will be adequately addressed and that the sustainability of island and rural coastal living can become a reality” concludes Pringle.




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