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*GOOD NEWS* Pringle confirms Leap Cards to be rolled-out across Donegal

Thomas Dáil general


Thomas Pringle TD

May 31st, 2018


Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle has been informed by the National Transport Authority that Leap Card services will be rolled out to 11 services across County Donegal within the next few months.

Raising the issue as a Dáil Question, Deputy Pringle welcomed the news saying ‘this will ensure that people in Donegal have access to the same Leap Card discount options that have been available to other parts of the country for some time. It is only right that people in Donegal get to benefit cost saving measures as others have enjoyed so far.

“I am told that the Leap card services will be application to any PSO services that operate on behalf of the NTA however, as the Bus Eireann Expressway services are operated on a commercial basis by the Company, it will be a matter for Bus Eireann to decide whether it will provide Leap compatible ticketing machines on those expressway services. I will be making representations to Bus Eireann urging the company to provide machinery to facilitate wider use of Leap card services within the County.

“The national roll-out of Leap Card is still continuing and delays to date were due to the procurement of Leap Card compatible ticketing machines however, a considerable number have already been purchased this year. The focus will now be on areas that have not been able to accept Leap Card such as Donegal.

“Public transport is vitally important to people in Donegal as rail and road infrastructure continue to be chronically underfunded. I am constantly making representations to the Minister on this matter but the Government continues to fail in addressing underinvestment in Donegal. I hope in the lead up to the Budget this year that serious consideration is given to outstanding transport needs of Donegal and that the roll-out of the Leap Card is just the start of many more initiatives to come” concludes Pringle.


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