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Dáil Q: Will the Minister reinstate DEIS funding for schools in Donegal?

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For Oral Answer on : 22/05/2018

Question Number(s): 50 Question Reference(s): 22439/18

Department: Education and Skills

Asked by: Thomas Pringle T.D.






To ask the Minister for Education and Skills if DEIS funding will be reinstated for schools in County Donegal experiencing high levels of deprivation and in which families are forced to raise funds for essential maintenance in the schools; and if he will make a statement on the matter.




There are a total of 177 Primary Schools and 27 Post Primary Schools in County Donegal.  Of these, 107 primary and 13 post primary schools avail of supports in the DEIS Programme.  60% of all primary schools and 48% of post primary schools in Donegal are in DEIS.  This equates to 13.3% of all DEIS schools being based in Co. Donegal.

I wish to advise the Deputy that no school in DEIS has had a withdrawal of funding. Each school’s level of funding is based on its enrolment and its level of disadvantage. Any decrease in funding provided to a school included in the DEIS Programme would be due to a drop in that school’s enrolment or its level of disadvantage and not because of any policy change in funding allocation or disadvantage status.

In 2017, I was in a position to provide additional supports to 110 schools through DEIS.  This was the first time since 2009 than any new school was added to DEIS.  As a result, in addition to previous provision in Co. Donegal, 1 primary school got Urban Band 1 status for the first time while 2 further Primary schools were upgraded from Band 2 to Band 1 status.  18 primary schools who were designated as DEIS rural were also brought into the programme for the first time together with an additional Post Primary school.

Since the end of 2011/12 school year, the SNA allocation in Co Donegal has increased from 471.44 to 731.39, a percentage increase of over 55%.

The Special Education Teaching allocation in Co Donegal has increased from 358.46 posts at the end of the 2011/12 school year, to 497.5 posts in the current 2017/18 school year. This amounts to an increase of 38%.

The Deputy may also wish to note that my Department provides a Minor Works Grant to all schools on a yearly basis, based on enrolment. This funding allows minor works to be carried out on the physical infrastructure of schools or on the purchase of items of furniture and equipment.



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