Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle criticises Government over lack of Redress Scheme for Donegal homeowners affected by MICA



Thomas Pringle TD

June 5th 2018


Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle has today criticised the Government on its failure to implement a Redress Scheme for homeowners in Donegal of homes affected by MICA.

“It is unacceptable that nearly five years and one year from the publication of the MICA Report, there’s still no talk of a Redress Scheme for the homeowners affected. This is despite a commitment from the Housing Minister of State Mr. Damien English that a decision on the issue would be given by the end of May.

“The Government is only now carrying out a consultation on just two of its recommendations, a process which has also met delays since January of this year.

“Now into June, affected homeowners are frustrated at what appears to be a complete disregard for their situation with little to no movement visible from Fine Gael Ministers. Meanwhile, affected homeowners continue to watch as their homes crumble from MICA affected walls and struggle to find alternative accommodation arrangements. They are powerless to stop it. A Redress Scheme would ensure all those affected can find solutions for their accommodation needs.

“I have written to the Minister seeking clarification once and for all as to whether a Redress Scheme is being considered in conjunction with the consultation process. I am also seeking confirmation that a Redress Scheme will be introduced regardless of the outcome of the consultation on Recommendations 1 and 2 of the MICA Report.

“The one thing homeowners of MICA affected homes don’t have is time. The more this process is dragged out the greater the extent of damage caused by MICA. It doesn’t make sense that we are only at this stage, and it’s certainly not cost-effective.
“I want to repeat calls from the Donegal MICA Action Group for an imminent decision on a Redress Scheme by the Minister so that homeowners remain central to the process throughout and that their increasing safety concerns are promptly addressed and their accommodation needs met” concludes Pringle.


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