Thomas Pringle TD

True Moville shown in Methodist Hall on Sunday afternoon in response to arson attack on DP centre

Methodist church Asylum meeting Moville


Thomas Pringle TD – 26/11/18



According to Deputy Pringle the packed meeting at the Methodist Hall on Sunday showed “clearly to the racists that attacked The Caiseal Mara Hotel on Saturday night what the people of Moville really think of them and their tactics”. 


“There wasn’t even standing room in the Methodist Hall to hear the thoughts of former asylum seekers Lucky Khambule and Vukasin Nedeljkovic on the direct provision system and the needs of the asylum seekers that will come and the support they will need from the community. The community came out in force to say that they will get that help from them” said Deputy Pringle. 


“It was a powerful answer from the community and a great tribute to the people of Moville that so many people came to show their support after such a devastating attack was carried out on the centre.

“The support is there and the community are ready to help in every way they can. There will be a lot of work to be done over the coming months and years but I have no doubt that the community will give a real Donegal welcome to the asylum seekers and they and the community will benefit from that experience” concludes Pringle.




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